Working With Us

We need your help to create a better future.

We are always seeking partnerships with inspiring individuals and organisations to invest your time, expertise, creativity and resource in our mission. Together we can empower young people to lead fulfilling, meaningful lives.

Working in partnership with organisations, individuals and institutions is an essential means of achieving our mission. These partnerships make a real difference in improving the lives of young people.


Strategic partnerships are a brilliant way we can work together to build a better community. At the same time, developing your own internal staff and promoting your organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


As part of our commitment to improving the lives of young people we work with organisations – preparing young people for the world of work.

Could you volunteer support for workshops, employability taster days, mock interviews and mentoring? Your time engaging with our young people is crucial to enhancing our service and plays a vital role in helping young people move into future employment.

Organisations that volunteer their expertise or knowledge with Our Community Foundation find that their staff are more inspired at work and grateful for the opportunity to engage with their local community.

Discover a valuable way of supporting young people by contacting our team today.

Fundraising and events

We are so lucky to have the incredible support of individuals who choose to fundraise for Our Community Foundation.

Whether you take part in a marathon, skydive or a cake sale (or any other ingenious way!) we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Tell us about your innovative fundraising ideas today!

Get Started

If you are taking part in an event that is already organised and want to raise money for us. Sign up to JustGiving and fill out all your details.
  • Create an online fundraising page (or a team page if there are a lot of you taking part) and pick Our Community Foundation as your charity of choice.
  • Buy your stuff using this link:_____ *easy fundraising* and help us help young people.
  • Email us at to let us know of your plans and how we can help support you.
  • Donate here : Every little helps, pennies make pounds! – help us empower young people today.
However, you choose to help – we cannot thank you enough!
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