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Young People Engaged
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Young People back in to education, employment & training

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Participants by Age Group

Age 11 - 13 6%
Age 14 - 16 35%
Age 17 - 19 27%
Age 20 - 22 22%
Age 23+ 11%
‘We believe in giving every young person the opportunity to create a better future for themselves.’

Case Study

Please see case study below;

OURCOMMUNITY first started to attend our youth club at the age of 12. When he first started attending he was a quiet, timid young person who needed a confidence boost. He continued to attend with his younger siblings and we started to see a positive change in him over the years. The youth workers worked with him on a one to one basis to build up his confidence. He made many friends while coming to Pod and got along very well with the workers. This was demonstrated by using smart targets with XXXX. We continued our work to help him meet the targets, this was done through organising different activities such as team building, communication and leadership. Over the years XXXX has had the opportunity to attend sailing and other trips, take part in competitions, litter picking, BMXing etc.

XXXX’s confidence built up and he became more sociable, started to show skills as a leader, has achieved good GCSE and A level results and has now started to pursue a passion in sports at University. He has also found himself a job as a personal trainer at PureGym where he is doing what he loves. XXXX frequently volunteers at Our Community CIC as he knows the young people in the area very well and gets on well with them. This voluntary work has also helped build his leadership and communication skills which he is now using in his day job and at university.